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Role Play

After years of bordem and unfulfilled desires a couple looks to ignite the passion and fire in their relationship. The ultimate game of Role Playing starts after hidden secrets and desires are revealed and overheard.

People are not who they say they are and things go from great to horrible in a matter of seconds. Lives are forever changed as passion reaches a boiling point and lies between husbands and wives are bought to light. Everybody has secret desires, the question is are you willing to play your role to get it?

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Savage Prey

Eric and Mary Savage own a meat business and are considered the best in the business by their clients; however, the clients have no clue what goes on inside the Savage’s prominent meat market.

Shirley, the eldest of the Savage’s foster children gets a part time job as a stripper at Gentlemen Jims. She meets and greets several men who will never know what the beautiful young woman is hiding inside.
Melissa finds love with a boy whom she attends school with. She knows that this relationship will never work because of the deep dark secret about her family. Eventually she decides to spill the secret, but at what cost?
Abby is the most clever and seemingly the most heartless of the Savage’s foster daughters. She stands by and assists Mary and Eric Savage without a hint of remorse for others.

The people who live in the small town located in Fredricksburg Virginia go about their everyday lives without an inkling of the brutal torture that’s taking place right underneath their noses. Are they sitting ducks themselves?

Available on Nook and Kindle

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You Resemble Death

Be careful of the company you keep. Sometimes being careful won't keep you safe either!

A mysterious woman arrives in town and begins working at King Cuts Hair Salon as a receptionist. She is immediately drawn to Bay, who is the owner of the shop. He is still recovering from a recent break up that he had with Jamie, who has not been seen or heard from in awhile. Tawny, Bay's new girlfriend, starts working at the salon shampooing Bay's customers. The new receptionist is not happy about the situation and begins to put a plan into motion. One of Bay's customers uncovers some interesting facts about the stranger and confronts her about them. That was not a good idea. As months pass by this mysterious woman becomes a nuisance and a pest to Bay. He can't stand the sight of her. Bay's friends and loved ones suspect that the stranger is a conniving and sneaky person, but they have no clue about how ruthless and destructive she really is. She will destroy and kill whatever, or whoever that gets in her way! Will a secret about her identity be revealed before it's too late?

Available on Nook and Kindle



Crossfire: lines of fire from two or more positions crossing each other at a single point.

Bridget, a desperate magazine publisher obsessed with wanting a child, becomes calculating after her husband, Carl refuses to start a family. Her sneaky ways may have gotten the best of her when she learns a devastating truth that could change her life.

Neenah has the looks that could kill. Stunningly beautiful, a top model with a lavish lifestyle, she always used her beauty to get her way. Even with her husband Jackson. Having chosen her career over her marriage, she finds herself alone and regretting her vain and selfish decisions.

Ghetto fabulous Celeste (aka 'Cee-Cee'), dreamed of the finer things in life. With a struggling mother and never knowing her father, she turns to the streets to find the love and security she never experienced at home. Torn between loyalty and a sense of well-being, Cee-Cee travels a winding and twisted road.

Lives intertwine, bonds are broken, and affairs ensue causing their existence to change forever. Who will get caught in the crossfire? Who will survive?

Available on Nook and Kindle