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Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to Anexander Books Inc.!

The submission guidelines are listed below. Please email all submissions to the attention of Vonda Howard:

> Submissions should include the following: Title, genre, synopsis, anticipated length (in double-spaced pages or in words), prologue, and first three chapters of work.

> Electronic submissions will be accepted only.

> Manuscripts should be double spaced, and 12 pt. font.

> We will respond as promptly as possible (usually one month). If we feel that your submission is of consideration, we will request a full manuscript. Following this procedure ensures the most expeditious treatment of all inquiries.

> We do not require that writers contacting us have a literary agent or manager representing them.

> If your full manuscript is requested, Anexander Books is not required to publish your work.

> All considered manuscripts are carefully scrutinized by the editor(s). They are then passed on to the publisher for preliminary and final consideration. The submissions are reported on as soon as possible, but this process may take up to three months (12 weeks). If acceptance is recommended, the author(s) will be asked to sign a contract with Anexander Books Inc. publishing company.

> Under the revisions contained in the 1978 Copyright Law, a work is automatically copyrighted at the time of creation. If we agree to accept the work for publication, we will apply for the copyright in the author's name on publication.

> We also ask that authors who have solicited works under consideration please refrain from sending us other works or proposals during this time unless they are specifically requested to do so. Agreement on our part to look at a particular work does not imply blanket authorization to send unrelated materials and doing so could hurt, rather than help your chances.